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Banner photos by Kate Davis, Raptors of the Rockies. All rights reserved.
Updated 3/27/2023 6:59:42 PM

Cover story for Montanan Magazine, Fall 2012 in the link to the right. Cover story for Montanan Magazine, Fall 2012 in the link to the right.

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From time to time, stories about Kate Davis and/or the Raptors of the Rockies organization are published by local, regional, or national media outlets. The links below represent a selection of a few of the articles that have been written about or by Kate and the organization over the past few years. All links open in a new browser window.

March 27, 2023
Of fate and falcons: 50 years of service - Ravalli Republic

June 12, 2022
New beginnings, old friends: Kate Davis celebrates 35th year of Raptors of the Rockies - Ravalli Republic

April 7, 2021
Taking flight: Davis opens doors into lives of falcons in new book - Ravalli Republic

March 3, 2019
Talons and ink: Missoula Art Museum hosts unique class with live raptors - Missoulian Newspaper

July 18, 2018
Clearwater Resource Council Is a Hoot - Seeley Swan Pathfinder

March 8, 2018
Author Gives Birds a Voice - Rural Montana Magazine

November 1, 2017
Annual Missoula conservation awards handed out - Missoulian newspaper

May 6, 2017
Raptors of the Rockies: Bird refuge has helped educate 130,000 people - Rural Montana Magazine

November 12, 2016
Was an Owl the Real Culprit in the Peterson Murder Mystery? (Kate Davis as a witness) - Audubon

December 29, 2015
On a wing and a tail: Florence woman's owl inspires tail painting on new airplanes - Ravalli Republic

March 31, 2015
My talk, "Communication in the Dark" with Jillian the Great Horned Owl, plus the 15 others from that February event at the Dennison Theater. - TEDxUMontana

September 6, 2012
A Bird's-Eye View: Kate Davis Class of '82 - Montanan Magazine

March 11, 2012
Tales of talons: Raptors of the Rockies founder educates public on birds of prey - Ravalli Republic

February 13, 2009
Hawking the Big Sky - Life with a hat-stealing Peregrine - NAFA Journal (2008)

October 8, 2007
Falconry: An Exhilarating Lifestyle, by Kate Davis (PDF, 1.03 MB) - Distinctly Montana

March 1, 2007
The Falconer: Hunting the Skies with Kate Davis - The Missoula Independent

December 31, 2006
Profiles in Falconry: John Craighead Revisited: A Day with an American falconry pioneer. By Kate Davis. - NAFA Journal

June 24, 2005
Allometry of Alarm Calls: Black Capped Chickadees Encode Information About Predator Size - Science Magazine

June 24, 2005
Bird Alarm Calls Size Up Predators - Science Magazine

June 13, 2005
"It's Fun to Speak Owl" - Our Town Missoula

December 30, 2004
Contact Sport Calamity - NAFA Journal

July 20, 2004
The Peregrine Returns: Recovery of endangered falcon an unqualified success - Montana Naturalist (Fall 2004 Issue)

December 20, 2002
For The Birds: Sometimes a good book can change a person's life. - Ravalli Republic

May 10, 2002
Raptors of the Rockies. Successful educational program marks first anniversary at Florence headquarters. - Ravalli Republic

June 3, 2000
Montana Audubon Environmental Educator of the Year award speech - 2000 Montana Audubon Meeting


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