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Simon, Great Horned Owl
Updated 8/8/2021 9:50:26 AM 

Simon, the Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus

Great Horned Owls are part of the Strigidae family in the order Strigiformes.

Simon A baby Great Horned Owl joined us from the Wildlife Center of Montana in Helena after he was confiscated by authorities as a downy chick. Someone in Chester, Montana was keeping him as a pet and feeding him hamburger, two big no-no's. Federal and State Permits are required to keep all native birds, with strict regulations and reports. So Simon is an imprint bird, and thinks he's "people," spending major time in the office, nights outside in his enclosure. Simon has joined the Teaching Team, giving the other big owl Jillian a break from the program schedule, which they will now share. His one bad habit is chewing his flight feathers, which he hopefully will outgrow.

His debut was in a film for the Missoula Community Access (MCAT) kids camp, then "appearance" on Montana Public Radio Childrens’ programming, Pea Green Boat. Since then he has been a model at the Missoula Art Museum, for kids and adults alike. Simon is a natural!

Simon Caddy was a very dear friend and was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in his home of the UK the week this owl arrived at the Raptor Ranch. We have been pals with the family, meeting his dad Adrian in 2002, a delegate for the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula. Simon and his brother Alex were teenagers, staying with us many times, enjoying all things American and raptor. We are in shock with his sudden passing at age 29, and profound condolences to Adrian. As a tribute we are calling the new owl Simon - smart as a Formula One race car driver, super-friendly with a wry wit, enjoying fun and games at all times, and handsome as can be, both Simons. Welcome Simon.

  • Date Acquired: 5/19/2017

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